Meaning of the Name

I named this blog "Our Caroline Grace" for a couple reasons.

First, because it's the name of our little girl. She's OUR Caroline Grace. We love her even now, and will continue to love her forever.

Secondly, because Caroline has taught me more fully the meaning of grace. We need lots of grace as we're going through all of this, and we're getting it in abundance. I call it my "Caroline grace" because it's the grace I need to deal with Caroline's condition.

That's what this blog is baby girl, named Caroline Grace, and my "Caroline grace" as it's getting me through this tough time.

I kind of find it interesting, but we chose this name before we knew Caroline had anencephaly. It fits her. And it fits her more than we ever knew it would. She was meant to have this name. Caroline means "Beautiful woman." Grace means "Grace of God." She's my beautiful little girl filled with God's grace. It's so terribly appropriate. To God be the glory.