Friday, March 23, 2012

Even now

I don't know why, but God saw fit to remind me this week that I am not forgotten, and that Caroline is still having an impact.

I met a stranger on Sunday who has been through similar loss, and we comisserated. I've had several people email me to tell me they still think about me and hope I'm doing well. And I also had a friend of Cameron's from high school contact me (I've never met her personally, but we're facebook friends. :) ) to let me know that she's still thinking about us and praying for us. She was actually very sweet after Caroline was born and sent us a really cool carved picture of Caroline to remember her by. (Her business website is if you're interested in seeing what it's like).

So overall, I've had lots of reminders this week that I am cared for by people here on earth, a blessing bestowed upon me by the One who cares about me in Heaven.

It's been just over three months since Caroline came and left in the same moment. Cameron and I are doing well, and while we're still dealing with the hurt, we have tremendous joy. I never truly thought we would have so much support, even this long after she came. It is such a blessing to know we are not forgotten now that the immediate crisis is over.

Even now, God is showing His faithfulness and goodness. Even now, people are showing their care and concern for us. Even now, we are not alone. I am so grateful.

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